I've been DMing some online DnD games and recently got fed up with simple drawing tools and pregened maps, so I decided to take the plunge and start doing my own cartography. I've been reading these forums quite a bit and have found it extremely helpful in hitting the ground running with the software I use (CC3). Anyways, I've created and played a few maps so far and I'm having a blast - great maps add an extra level of immersion, my players love them, and it feels good to use something that you created yourself.
One concept I'm having a hard time portraying though, is showing multiple elevation levels, and specifically stairs. For now I'm using a pretty generic symbol and scaling it down to show up/down, but I'm not very happy with it and it can be confusing. Here's a pretty simple example. I've got a lot of great inspiration from talented mappers here, so if ya'll could give me some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.