here's my entry from the July Challenge. I finished third, which was a lot better than i was expecting. the challenge theme was cloud, and the map outline is the result of a threshold layer on a base cloud image i found on google.

The rest is just a plethora of lines made using the pen tool and stroking (hehe) in black over a white backgoroung and then a spatter brush style effect with a small (0.3) gaussian blue on top. the whole thing was then set to multiply over the map texture i made, with further eraser/brush grungeing added on top.

in hindsight there are some things id change, like the pen-strokes and lettering, though considering the time i was allowed on this Im pretty happy with the result, and the simplistic and relatively realistic 16th-ish century style (in the vein of the many many maps made of my home country of Malta) is something ive been wanting to try fork some time

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