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    So this is the third campaign setting/map I've made, and so far it's the best. I'm still really uncertain about the city placement though, so I'd appreciate critique/help on that point. Mostly I'm afraid that I might have put too many cities on the borders. Maybe that's a problem about the borders themselves?

    Not sure if it's crucial, but a little info about the setting:
    The mountain nation is actually just a conglomeration of Raptoran city-states, rather than a nation in it's own right. The nation south of there is a Dwarven Empire based on Byzantium and Russian culture/history (they drink Vodka). South of that are mostly undefined nations using the infrastructure of the collapsed part of the Empire, at least one of which will be Human and very anti-Dwarf. North of the mountains are all Human nations, still undefined in culture beyond general European-ness. The tiny nation on the East is another City-State, this one Human, that thrives off trade with the Indian-based Orcs from the east. Elves from the Northwest continent do the viking thing.

    Oh, when I was placing them, the idea for many of the Border cities was that they were, at least originally, military cities. The more I think about it though, that seems unlikely for most of them.
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