I'm from Montreal, Quebec, and french...so I hope you will forgive all the mistakes I will do! Although I'm trying hard not to.

I am what you might say a gamer, but on table style. Old D&D with friends, pizza and energy drinks...a lot! I'v done a B.A in art and media so I'm a bit familiar with photoshop. Although I create and stop creating all the time, now that we have a new game started with the best master (in fact, he is really, really good), and that we have an insane story, I am incredibly motivated to do the map of this new world and yes, also thinking to create a B.D. I had to say it somewhere, makes it official in a way.

I found this site by searching videos of tutorial for maps; I am to lazy or scared to start anew by handrawing...and I should be ashamed but I'm not; the problem for stoping art all the time is the pressure we put on ourself so, tutorial and photoshop is the key for me.

I'm very thrill to be a new member of your community and when the time is right, I will gladly post here my experiences.

Looking foward to hear from you.