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Thread: the High-empire of Korachan and the Inner Sea

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    Default the High-empire of Korachan and the Inner Sea

    As the title indicates, this is my map of the Inner Sea and the surrounding Korachani empire. I've been working on this for some years now (yes you read that right) though the main reason its taking me so long is that the map has been secondary to my worldbuilding project and regions and localities have only been added to the map as I've fleshed out the world itself. If you look at the corners (particularly the N-W part of the map, you'll notice that it's a lot more bare than the central parts - those areas are still rather vague in the 'Encyclopaedia Elyden' and will be added to later as I flesh them out, though the map is as good as done.

    The first iteration of the map was drawn on an A3 paper about 7-years ago and it has gone through countless updates and was first digitised about 2-years ago. All work is done in PS and a cheapo wacom tablet (cannot recommend a tablet enough - it speeds up work so much!). When I first started work on the map I had never used PS before and all my experience with PS comes from this and other doodles and lots of help from this site (especially the Saderan (sp?) tutorial). The original PSD is 300 dpi CMYK 41" x 61" and will be printed at full-size for my man-cave once I declare it done. The jpg this upload is based on is RGB 200 dpi and 41" x 61" and is about 75mb big so rather than shrink it down to a 4.5mb file I decided to split it into four and upload the separate maps, which preserve a lot of detail. I'm still not 100% sold on some parts of it (mostly the texture and colour), though i think this one is as good as done. To anyone interested the WIP thread is here and the map goes through a few iterations due to changing personal preferances and other peoples' opinions and if i end up changing the map it'll mostly be done there.

    Please do give feedback and criticisms as this is something I want to turn out as good as I possibly can, so any help is welcome. One thing I've noticed is the displacement layer I used to distort the picture to match the parchment background might be a bit too obvious in places (with the text taking on a wavy appearance in some areas) this is going to be toned down.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1-top-left.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    EDIT: also added a zoomable version.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WEB SMALL - inner sea - map.jpg 
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