Hello forum,

It has been a while since I have been on the forum, mostly because 1) I lost my PC and couldn't use any software 2) lost my login info because of it and 3) studying and finding resources to learn. But I've recently managed to get some free time in to work on my map. I decided I wouldn't worry about everything else yet while I learn about it and finished the outline of my map and am trying to figure out distance. *For peoples unaware of the reasons of my creation; it is for a novel*

I managed to create a mile scale on my map based on 100 miles per the distanced given on the scale and using it, roughly, from the longest tip to the furthest top of the country, I counted around 8,700 miles (map cuts off at the top. I wanted a big map) with the days to cross at 120 days (according to an online calculator). I needed a distance between some already set things that would, at least, require 5-7 days of walking with rest (at least around 5 hours of rest), eating (maybe about 2 hours) and then rest/sleep at sundown and continuing as soon as the sun rises, so that's what I based the calculations on.

I did this on a straight line calculation though, not counting in obstacles like mountains, rivers, towns, 'events' and lakes. I figured I would first pick the average time it takes to get through a mile, at least through the character's view, and decided that the party travels at least 1 mile every 45 minutes or so if they are not taking a rest during the day or sleeping during the night.

My questions? 1) I am not sure my calculations are correct and can't seem to find anything to reference to or help me 2) What is a good way to figure out the time it takes to get around such things? I'm having difficulty with it.

Notes: Since it is a novel, I was trying to get distance to be rather long, for story purposes, but I think I failed. lol


I hope I made sense in this post. If I didn't or there is something you guys need to know, please say so and I'll clear up my post or add it.