Hey all,

I'm trying to follow a tutorial that was written for PS7 in my GIMP 2.8.

Here are the starting instructions:

File > New... > 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels, 72dpi, RGB Color
Hit the [D] key to make sure you are using the default black and
white colors. Then fill the background layer with some clouds.
Filter > Render > Clouds
Create a new layer and call it "paint layer". Then klick OK.
Layer > New > Layer > "paint layer"
Next, create a Threshold Adjustment layer.
Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Threshold...
The default name "Threshold 1" is good enough. Just klick OK.
You should now see something like this:

The thing is, I don't think GIMP has "Adjustment Layers." So what do I do?