I'm working on a map (my first real effort!) for a world from which I'm hoping to pull several short stories in the future. The genre will be fantasy, so I have some wiggle room, but I wanted to make sure my world is believable and I'm turning to this great community for help with that! I've been browsing around here for a week or so and am amazed at what I've found here so far. My map is still in progress, but before I go any farther I want to make sure I'm on the right track. I guess I'm mainly looking at overall realism: mountain placement, river placement, terrain zones, land size/shape, etc. I'm not sure what the size limits are, and my full world map is quite large, so I linked to my Google drive rather than put too much here. If you'll check the link and give me some feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Credit where credit is due: The ONLY reason this map is even halfway decent is because I followed the awesome tutorial from Pasis. My pre-tutorial attempt was nowhere near this nice!


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