Here is my entry to this month lite challenge. My original ideia was to make a city map in perspective, drawing by hand and then scanning, but it needed too much time to get finished and I wouldnt be able to finish in time, thats why I went for this simple style. The image given was allowed to be used at any scale so I used it as a small hemisphere world map at the bottom, representing where the city is located.

The city is the most important port, the southest area is actually another city (it was supposed to be the same city but the lack of time made me use it as another big port), they are like "twin" cities. It is used a special (and very expensive) ship service to cross the water between them. At Bargon's Harbor is located the great school of navigation, and the great school of sciences (math, biology, physics and medicine).

This is not the final version, I just need to add name of places and some details. Btw, the map is part of a huge book concerning about all the important cities on the continent, thats why you can see the "53" and "54" on the image. Hope you like it,

### Latest WIP ###
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