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    Default Foreign Quarters Work in Progress

    Used Excel to for this rough draft of the Foreign Quarters of the RPG base city. Still working on the building placements. Click image for larger version. 

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    Do you intend to incorporate a key or scale reference?

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    Dana, yes, I'll include key and scale. Initially using Excel to create a rough map. Need to master GIMP to create a better quality map. Did notice that the image is flipped (N-S axis) from the original scan.

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    thorgarth what's the reasoning behind the use of excel?

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    My first response, "Because I could." Actually, haven't spent the time to learn Gimp or Inkscape. Have a RPG city that needed fleshed out as a rough draft.
    Excel on work and home systems, so was able to work on it anywhere and in bitesize time increments. I have a new version to post, but found an interesting way to use lines to creat a cobblestone appearance on roads.

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    That's actually, a rather impressive use of excell...

    Sure, you'll never get as pretty a result as you could with GIMP or photoshop, but it actually look like a nice and serviceable map right there... Impressive...

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    Newest map
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Failed to include the key:
    1) Barbarian Gate 2) Fort O'Keefe 3) Draconis Embassy 4) Temple of Kenjari
    5) Temple of Seren 6) Foreign Market 7) Mageocracy Embassy (Kingdom name to be determined)

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