This is the (finally) completed map of the City of Brand. Here is the creation thread

Brand is the capitol city of Birian, but not the largest city. It's port simply has not been big enough to sustain the growth of trade in the kingdom. However, it is still a major trade city with exotic goods coming from the lands to the south.

The city is also the center of the Royal Army of Birian, as well as several other major institutions of the kingdom. Brand is a relatively safe environment, though there is some crime and seedy elements particularly around the dock area. In addition, in recent months there as been an increasing number of disappearances as well as a few riots.

Something seems to be amiss in the city, and there is a rumor that some of the city leaders are trying to investigate the growing unrest, but are getting nowhere. They may be looking for help or information from the right people.

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