I am fairly new to the art of cartography. It will be very clear when you see my first maps from 1996 for my first campaign in AD&D. Now that I have ventured into Pathfinder and have a new group I find we need more maps than what is available...That brings me here. I am currently working on several maps (to include upgrades of the original maps I did back in the 90s).
My current ventures are in Photoshop 7 using around 15 to 20 layers of rendered clouds of slightly different colors. There are 3 to 4 layers similar to each other (they get darker with each layer), and the 'water' layers are 50% opaque. I plan on using the 'snow' layers as cloud layers (after changing the opaqueness to 50% or less)..., but this is probably best discussed elsewhere.

With that said, I bid you greetings and I pray you have a blessed day!