Style : Contemporary city map showing buildings.
Style Example :
A mix between this and a more satellite image type of map that shows details of buildings and a little topography.

Quality : The recommended quality for internet display

Time : 2-4 weeks

Copyright : Artist keeps all copyrights except for my ability to display on the forum/website of my political simulation,

Contact : via PM


This is a map for a political simulation I am apart of called the Ocian Federation which is roughly based on an Eastern European alpine nation. This is the opportunity to create a small modern utopian city.

This map would be of a small resort town used mainly by the corrupt political elite. This town of 50 000 would compose of various rest houses, banquet halls, spas, heath facilities, the villa’s of the political/military elite, a ski resort at the top of a nearby mountain overlooking the city and most importantly modern decadent monuments and buildings paying tribute to propaganda heroes etc.

I’d hopefully like these facilities to be based off of these real world ones:

The town would be on the small edge of a lake much like lucern is. The environment is inspired by sochi.

Compensation :I am a student with limited funds but I would gladly compensate the artist fairly.