After some consideration I have decided to finish my map of Wanenjo that was my entry for the July/August 2012 Lite Challenge. link

Combined with it is my first attempt at a city map (only in the planning stages so far). I decided I'd try and map the Wanenjan capital Henterra.

I have yet to decide whether or not I will stick with the limited colour palette for the finished product. Either way I will try and use the same colours for each map.

After the challenge had closed I was looking over my map and realised that the scale I had was...problematic. I didn't want to redo my grid, so I re-scaled the entire planet. It now has a circumference of 76,926km (almost twice earth's). This leads to a distance of 35.614km per 10min arc.

Scale is my biggest issue with the city map. I'm going with 200x zoom increase on the Wanenjo map. This gives me a map of 3.72km at 5000 pixels. I think I will have to change the size as currently it is 1m = 1.34 pixels (which is okay in vector but not raster).

Regarding scale. Should city features like walls, roads and bridges be shown to scale (width wise)?

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