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Thread: How do I - create/place shapes in photoshop w/o transforming them later???

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    Question How do I - create/place shapes in photoshop w/o transforming them later???

    I'm really new to Photoshop...Is there a way to rotate the rectangle/square tool before drawing your object? I'm trying to create a little town and it seems to be really time consuming to draw all these little shapes and have to rotate each one individually afterwards. (I'm rotating them so that there is some realism to their placement.)

    Is there an easier way??? Thanks in Advance...

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    Try this: Use the pencil tool (it's with the brush tool in the toolbox menu). Use a small hard nib. Left click to put a dot on the paper, hold down the shift key and then left click again - ps will draw a stright line between the two points. In this way you can build up rectangles of any orientation quite quickly. Because you will be drawing them by eye, the angles might be a bit wonky but with a little practice you can quickly get them so they're good enough - and a little variation in the angles looks better than every angle being exactly 90 degrees.

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    Thanks Ravells...I will try that. After poking around the internet, it seems that there is no simple way to do what I want (which is essentially to recreate the ease of placing objects in CC3 in Photoshop). I did just discover that you can play with the brush settings to have random jitter and rotation which may help me to achieve more of the random design that I want.
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    No worries. Yes you can use the shape dynamics setting in brush settings, with rotation set to 'initial direction' for a bit more control over the rotation.

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