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Thread: My (Sort of) First Map - World of Tellus

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    Wip My (Sort of) First Map - World of Tellus

    Hello, viewers! Thanks for stopping by!

    The image you see below is my second attempt at mapping my homebrew D&D world, Tellus. You can see my first attempt in my album, Aldurian Adventures. Anyway, this map will get filled in as my players explore it, which is why there are so many vast expanses of emptiness. The map is based off of one I found nearly a decade ago, used as my world map, and then lost. Hence, the attempted recreation. Several elements of my world are, admittedly, borrowed from other works of fiction (Mermidon River from Terry Brooks' Sword of Shannara and, later, The Free City of Greyhawk from Gary Gygax's campaign setting, just to name a few).

    As I said, I'm very new to this whole map making scene, so any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. So far I'm using Tolkien's Middle Earth map as a guide for how I want mine to turn out. I enjoy my method of making mountains, but am only moderately content with how I draw my trees. For some reason I have a terrible time with those, and am not impressed at all with Tolkien's method. Any suggested would be welcome.

    The map is supposed to be able to retain detail at deep levels of magnification. I fear the attachment will not do this justice, so feel free to hop over to my deviantART page and have a closer look, pun intended. I've added a close up of the only explored region, Alduria, so hopefully that helps.
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