This is my first post with a map, also my first own map, though prior I did 3 attempt, following cues of tutorials of the site.

I did not do the parchment effect myself; I downloaded them to have nice textures to start with. Later i will use my own canvas and numerise them.

The brushes, I created them; on my next post trees and mountains will show themselves

I want to thanks
  • OldGuy, for his tutorial on coastline (though I didn't use it here);

  • Ascension, for the atlas tutorial guide (thanks also for the french version by M. H2o);

  • And RPGMapMaker's, that I found on YouTube and draw me to this very site.

It is very plane, just a starter and not much to critiscism on but feel free to do so, don't be shy, I can take them

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