Hello everybody,

I'm working on a project to make maps from some cities created with the free rpg city creator. I've got to make a lot of cities. I tried different ways of embossing the plan view that the software generates, but they were far from what I wanted. So I had to travel the tough route and hand draw everything. I'm giving perspective and shadow to the maps using strokes, textures, and embossed patterns, but as I have to make a lot of similar maps I thought of sharing the drawing method I'm using to see if anyone can come with some advice to speed things up a bit.

For the moment I enclose a caption of one of the maps so you can see the style I want for the maps. The steps I follow to draw the map are basically as follows:

1. I draw vertical lines on the vertex of the shapes generated by RPG City Creator. The length of these lines depend of the height of the building. I draw these lines in a layer with a stroke style applied, as well as a colour layout and pattern. This way I can easily adjust the color or texture of the buildings.
2. In another layer I draw the roof on a layer with a pattern style applied. This way I only have to paint white where I want the roof to be.
3. I draw details and windows on the building erasing with a 1 pixel brush.
4. I erase doors
5. I paint doors under the building's layer
6. I paint shadows

I guess it will be easier if I post some step by step captures of the process... I will do it as soon as I can.

Click image for larger version. 

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