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    Wip August 2012 Entry: The Devil's Cauldron

    ### LATEST WIP ###

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    Little late in the day to get involved in this months comp, but I've had this idea rolling around in my head since I saw challenge subject, just not had the chance to sit down and start working on it. Never drawn an iso map before so I thought I'd give it a shot, happy with it so far but need to work out what elements I'm fading out so that it doesn't look too messy. Hopefully I can get this finished in the next few days before the challenge ends.

    This is the Devil's Cauldron, inspired in part by Dark Knight Rises and Interview with a Vampire. Set in a Gothic/Victorian style land the region has been plagued by vampires for centuries who hunted humans for food and sport. In the Capital of Fansalem at the heart of the city stands the prison of Adrastea, more commonly known to the citizens as The Devil's Cauldron. Here those suspected of being Vampires are brought to the center of the city and thrown from the Purification Bridges that cross the huge opening that leads down into the prison. Those who do not survive the fall were innocent and so a prayer is said and their souls purified, but those who survive are clearly marked as the devil's spawn.

    The prison itself is but a large pit with a winding staircase around the outer walls that lead up to a path that crosses the cavernous pit, high up from the floor. Dangling away from the crossing are a number of chains that lead back up to the Purification Bridges, though the chains are a a death defying leap from the crossing. Each link of the chain itself is carved with a holy crucifix, so even those that manage to make the jump will feel the searing pain of the holy symbols burning into their hands as they try to climb the rest of the way back to the bridge.

    The pit is not meant to be escaped from, but sport in itself for the human spectators as the vampire climb with hope that they may one day escape. Any failed attempts and the subsequent fall while enough to kill a human is but a temporary setback as these immortals wounds repair, hidden in the small alcoves at the bottom of the prison, the only shade they can find as the deadly daylight pours forth into the pit to incinerate any Vampire that would not take refuge in the shelter.
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