Hi everyone, first time posting a map in the finished maps forum.

This map was made for a D&D campaign I am running and I decided to make my own setting. I used Gidde's Hand Drawn Mapping (for the Artistically Challenged) tutorial, through the gimp, and I was very happy with the results. So thanks to Gidde! I also posted this map on his thread, before I saw the finished maps thread.

Here's a little background on the map/campaign. The Kingdom of Eleseen has been plunged into war after the death of King Tristan Laenarin. His two sons Sedar and Thenys are both claiming rights to the throne and have begun warring against each other. Thenys holds the capital city Eleseen along the Eastern coast, while Sedar has taken up to the south in a neighboring kingdom (didn't get that far in the campaign yet ). The adventurers started out in the village of Ealdor along the forest to the west and have had two sessions so far doing early level quests. There's tons of stuff I haven't thrown together yet, but I knew I needed to make a map to get a good start to the area and get my players anticipation up.

Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated! I'll be doing a world map sometime in the next few months when the heroes outgrow Eleseen and any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Hope you enjoy!
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