So, I have been trying to find a way to make dungeons look hand drawn... inorite? Turns out it's just way easier to draw them by hand. Don't get me wrong, you can get some good results with the right software but nothing compares to that little callous you can give yourself on the index side of your middle finger. At any rate, here are the results of my search for a good, solid, easy technique.

Ignore the ciphers, I don't even know what they mean anymore... I was probably trying to give them some kind of authenticity.

The compass needs work...

These results were obtained in late spring by using some German designed manga Pitt pens in a Blueline graph paper notebook whilst I waited for my son to get out of preschool. They are some exceptional little things. I got mine at Michael's.

When they were completed I scanned them, and dropped them onto my watercolor textures (see my signature) I created last year. The hue has been altered to that nice sepia tone (I hate the blue lines[1]) to give it that lovely faded look.

IDK, I like it. What say you?

[1] holy crap! I get the name "Blueline" now! I must be fracking dense.