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As you can see from this image, I basically copied and pasted Newfoundland from Google Maps. Draw it sort of like that, make omissions where you want, changes where you think it'll look cool, otherwise don't deviate too far from that image.

For reference the continent is about the size of Australia, just below it is another one which is about the size of Africa (I only want to show the northern tip of not-Africaland).
I'm going to leave it up to you to decide the layout of mountains, rivers, swamps, deserts, hills, all that good stuff. I want you to keep in mind that the south is predominantly tropical/sub-tropical, with patches of strange flora, like small fungus forests (think Morrowind) while the north is a little more arid, I guess Mediterranean might be the word. The jungle gets downright thick along that large southern peninsula, with a particularly high mountain range, throw a volcano in there if you feel like it, I assume it would be the only one, but it might be a particularly large one. And that gives me a pretty good idea where a dwarven city might go.

Another particular geographical feature I have decided on is a roundish lake caused by a meteor impact, it's full of islands, almost like a maze. Just stick it somewhere, preferably between some mountains and a coast.

I'm not requesting any towns or such, I'll add them later when I have the rest of my world building sorted (or ask you, the cartographer guy).
Same with names on the map, I need to pull this all together, and having a map I can refer to should help.

I trust your judgement.

Oh, and the map is for an RPG homebrew setting I'm putting together.

I'm not going to be too particular on the style, however, simple would be better than overly stylized, an Ascension style map springs to mind. Perhaps a top-down Forgotten Realms D&D style map, I find the second one to be quite nice and close to the overall style I'm going for.
Otherwise keep it relatively simple.

Quality & Size

Professional, Semi-Professional, even amateur is fine. I am not good with this sort of thing.
I'd like it to be quite clean for printing purposes.
3500 by 3500 would be excellent.
Vector would be preferred, but what ever is easiest is fine.

Time Constraints
A month or two? Sooner is better, but better is gooder.

Anyone can use it if they wish, it's no skin off my knee.

Contact Details
Just remove the '+' and '-' signs.
You can also reach me on steam, ID is 'Squidex'.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for taking the time to look this over if you're not interested.