Ok little background here, I'm really old school here. Took mechanical drawing for three years in high school back in the dark age. All triangles and t-squares then, with emphasis on hand lettering. The nifty new tool was a parallel bar and drawing board cover!! Which I saw my second year in college. Iíve always have had a love of looking at maps, old and new. The art of them just intrigued me. I've cruised the site looking and it has been enjoyable to look at the imagination you guys exhibit. Iíd like to try my hand at a map but I'm really lost on how to use any of these new fangled electronic tools. I see that there are programs for programs  So where do I start? What is a good dumbass newbie tutorial to get me going? Iím sure Iíll struggle quite a bit with the software, so this will be an adventure in frustration as well LOL. Thanks for any help ya all are willing to share V