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Thread: I Need A Map For My Novel, please help.

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    Help I Need A Map For My Novel, please help.

    I'm a novelist who is writing a fantasy novel placed in the times of the Medieval. I need a map for my novel similar to the Eragon map or the one from the Alchemist.


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    I wanted the map to be of 4 continents as the book is about forming the 4 elements of Earth: Inferno -fire-, Oceanic -water-, Ground -Earth-, and Gust -Wind-. Basically each continent has it's own theme based on it's element. Example: The Inferno Continent could have Volcanos or lava pits. This is YOUR creativity for the blank areas. Add mountains, trees, whatever you wish.
    I just need a map to fit the size of a book. Maybe an 11 inches for height and 17 for width?


    I'm looking for a map that is similar to a pirate map: simple lines and a darkish brown with a bit of burnt marks.
    I wanted a map that is simply either black and white or a darkish brown.
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    I just want something simple and not something "eye-popping" unless you want to. You're the magnificient Cartographers so it's your choice.
    I want to print it out that way I will be able to add it to the novel.
    I need the map to be 11 Inches in Height and 17 in Width or a larger size.
    [Raster / Vector] (I'm confuzzled by this xD)

    Time Constraints

    I don't really have a time limit but something that can be done before February of 2013 or before that. I can even negotiate a time.


    I will be adding it to my novel so i might need a Copyright Claim or whatever it is called. i'm deeply sorry as i'm very new to Copyright things.

    Contact Details

    Please contact me at if you are interested in helping.

    (Remove the "-" and replace "at" with "@")

    Price: I'm very new to Cartography but i'm guessing maybe something around $50? I would like to pay more for the map, but all i want is something simple. I'm an artist as well from Deviant Art, i could make a few pictures to cover up some of the money if you want.

    Bonus: Well, in the story, a magician creates the map of the world where the story takes place. The magician is a dragon with amazing abilities. But the problem is that i don't have a name for him/her. However, if you do make the map for me, i shall add your name to the story as that one character (or any name that you would like. Nothing gross, please?)
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