Hi all,

Just doing the intro-post thing. I've been visiting the forum off and on for years now, finally got around to signing up so I can see the many splendid maps and things full-size and hopefully add to the community as well.

I'm mostly a miniature wargamer as well as an RPGer, and while I've done maps of various sorts for years most have been hand-drawn and never scanned or otherwise preserved. I'm getting back into actually running RPGs this fall as well as just being a player, and wanted to get back into mapping for adventures and scenarios.

I still do most of my mapping by hand, I have a spiral-bound notebook full of all sorts of random notes, draft copies of maps, ideas for wargaming scenery and such. I use Inkscape and GIMP a lot for other graphic projects but not (so far) for much mapping, but the huge number of great tutorials here should get me going!