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Thread: CC3 - Mini-Tut on Subterranean Dungeons

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    Tutorial CC3 - Mini-Tut on Subterranean Dungeons

    I was working on a new map that depicts an underground dungeon. I wanted to achieve a similar effect to another map I had done

    It was getting terribly annoying to keep opening up the old map to see what setting I used so I decided to create a little reminder for myself. In the process I thought that maybe I would just create a little mini-tutorial on my method. I don't claim that this is a great method (or even a good one) but it works for me until I figure out a better way. Its attached in PDF format...enjoy.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Getting a Subterranean Look in CC3 Tutorial.pdf 
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    Excelent tutorial.
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