So on one of the other forums I go on for tabletop RPGs someone mentioned they wished there were more forest path maps available as the number of times their party went through wooded areas and got ambushed it would make them really handy. I originally planned on making about a dozen of these as a purchasable map pack, but as this style of battlemap is no longer something I wish to pursue (am now focusing on hand drawn maps) I didn't want to start selling it as my style (maybe one day I'll do the same again but as hand drawn maps ).

And so I have five maps made that folk might find useful; these are 50sqx50sq with the grid version (there is a grid and no-grid version available for download), designed at 300dpi for those who might want to print them. The trees I can't take too much credit for as they are a free to use element from, the dirt, grass and shadowing etc. was what I achieved when putting it all together.

As these maps are so big (about 65+mb filesize each) I can't upload them here, so I have doctored up an example as an attachment so you can see roughly what they are like. If you are interested then you can DL them from my DeviantArt profile (

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Second one is a map I made for the campaign I started which was run on a VTT, so the print quality is only at 72dpi. Again, taking a few elements from and making up a few of my own (pretty much the ship itself) the original was used for an attack by a ghost pirate ship in a fogbank, epic encounter Again, a little large on the file size, but available from my DA profile (

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