Greetings all! I figured this seemed like the beginning point for forum posts and what better place to begin than at the beginning?
I am 28 almost 29 and I got into cartography about 10 years ago when I began designing my own world for my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Something tells me I am not alone in that. I joined this site a number of months ago but have since been too preoccupied to be on much.
Most of the work I have done thus far is in pen and paper medium but I am getting the hang of a few software based image editors. I have used gimp a bit as well s the ubiquitous photoshop, as well as microsoft pain (to a rather satisfactory end I might add.) My computer is rather a lump so i have issues with any vector drawing tools like inkscape and bryce studio but with any luck Ill be remedying that in a few months.

Well i suppose that should suffice for an introduction for now.