This is my first "map" here on the Guild, and I use "map" in quotes because it's not a terribly usable map, more the outcome of spending my day off noodling around in GIMP.

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This is largely a result of me discovering the fantastic GIMP layer masks tutorial. The buildings and textures are also from here - and now of course I can't find the various threads I've been plundering, but I'm sure the regulars here will know what I'm talking about!

I wouldn't mind doing some RGP battlemap scale stuff like this properly, but what I really want to get into is larger town/city mapping. Scale on this one is a bit vague; if the cobbled roads are only one lane wide, those three buildings on the lower left are more outhouses than living quarters!

C&C or suggestions, anyone? I'm pretty much calling this little experiment done and planning on moving on, but I might restart this map as a proper organized village/town centre. We shall see.