My name is Robert. I'm a designer working in Montreal. I like biking, fantasy, science fiction, and video games.

I'm also interested in world design and would like to make a living doing it.

I've created a fantasy world called Nimia and a few flash games based on it. I also have a SciFi city called Junx City in the works.

My interest in cartography stems from my work on the Nimia World map. There's a lot of great work on this forum and ive ended up coming here time and time again while i researched how to make great maps. I've finally decided to join. I'm looking to learn more from the great examples here and create an even better map.

I'm currently fleshing out my Nimia world map ( as a background for a new fantasy game I'm working on called Nimian Hunter Salvation ( I'll post some of the map screenshots in the forum.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the useful site.