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Thread: Trees and cities from high altitude

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    Default Trees and cities from high altitude


    I'm trying to draw (in Photoshop) trees from a place where it's possible to see 15 kilometers on one 1920 pixels screen.

    The best I did was to make squares of trees, with shadow and Bevel and Emboss (with texture). I also added some noise, but it's far from perfect...

    So... I don't see any tutorial precisely on this subject, because most of the maps here come with more details of the ground. If you have some lead, that'd be great

    (Same thing for cities)


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    At that res, each pixel is 7.8m across so really its more of a tree like texture than actual tree shapes. You might be better off getting hold of some aerial trees at a higher res than that and resampling them down such that they are approx 7.8m per pixel and then using that as a texture fill into the areas you want to put trees down. Since NASA images are public domain I am sure you could get something from them for terrain and cities at about that scale.

    The NZ land info service has a lot of high res photos like that too. They are not public domain but do allow some reproduction usage with acknowledgements. So have a look at these for 25m or 2.5m trees.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Problem is that I'm not satisfied with tree textures. They're too realistic for what I want to be done.
    I saw this :

    If someone knows how to do that

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    Ok let's do this !

    So, uh, how do you do ? The sun is warm and the rain is not.

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    You might also be interested in this tutorial that I adapted from one at Cartotalk: Creating a Local Scale Tree Texture in Photoshop
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Thanks Midgarsomething

    (and 5!)

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    I've also created brushes from moss and bathmats... which can be effective depending on your needs. =)

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