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Thread: Linux Bash Script: Convert RPG City Map Generator to SVG

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    Default Linux Bash Script: Convert RPG City Map Generator to SVG

    Here you go: the long awaited version 3 of my RPG City Map to SVG converter...what's that? You didn't know about versions 1 or 2? You HAVEN'T been waiting for this for any amount of time whatsoever? Oh well, here it is anyway. Needs linux with bc (basic calculator) and dos2unix installed. Throw it in a folder with some .sgs files from RPG Citymap generator, run the script, type the name of the town map WITHOUT the .sgs extension, and presto! A perfect vector city. Apart from the lakes. And possibly some other stuff. Oh, and I don't think illustrator likes the svg output, use inkscape instead.

    I hope someone tries it out, if only to tell me about all the bugs, the terrible scripting, and the amount of time it takes to convert the file.

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