Over the last year I've been mapping the world of Midgard for Kobold Press (the games company formerly known as Open Design). The map of the world of Midgard has just been released as an iPad app - which is really cool. I admit that I'm entirely biased, but the map allows you to zoom close in to see all the detail - at least 3x higher resolution than you'll ever get in a print product - and allows you to toggle the text. It include some very nifty animated clouds and clickable cities that take you to the city map. This is the v1 release, and I know that Kobold Press have many more cool features in the works for upcoming updates - and are listening for suggestions of things they should include.

Here's some screenshots:
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The app can be picked up on the app store. The people that worked on the app are myself (world map, compass), Sean MacDonald and Lucas Haley (city maps), and Luis Mejia (app coding and design). I'm really looking forward to seeing what opportunities this kind of digital product might open up.