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Thread: Dispatches From A Cartographer - Larithas maps the Indestructible

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    Wip Dispatches From A Cartographer - Larithas maps the Indestructible

    Hi all,
    For those who haven’t encountered me yet, I’m the precocious newbie who, less than 2 months a member and already two maps posted.

    Well, since my arrogance knows no bounds, I wish to announce my intention of entering a map in the September challenge (I hope there was not some kind of deadline for making this announcement; if so, oops).

    I’ve been working on this project for about a week, and it’s all very hush hush. I’m hoping for a grand unveiling when its nearer completion. Suggestions would be useful though, and so I thought I’d give everyone a sneak peek:

    Below is the RNS Indestructible (closely modelled on the HMS Victory, with liberal alterations and many inaccuracies). About 20 years go, this impressive warship found itself in a bit of a pickle – nobody knows how or why, but it suddenly fell into a huge chasm. And not an underwater chasm, either. This one is above ground, and in the middle of a huge jungle.

    Miraculously, some of the crew survived the impact, and one ship’s officer (the bosun), who became the leader of the rag-tag company. Twenty years later, their temporary huts have become a town called Indestructible, and they have managed to supply their various needs. The jungle (and its inhabitants) have also begun to colonise the ship.

    Enter my adventurous friend, Mr. Larithas Stone, who has joruneyed to the shipwreck to make the first ever map of Indestructible, and its surroundings.

    Still to do:
    • Damage the ship a bit (it looks a bit neat and pristine at the mo');
    • Add the rigging, and wreck that too;
    '• Increase the presence of the jungle, both in the chasm, and across the ship’s decks and rigging;
    • Draw (by hand) a cross-section map of the town of Indestructible in the gap between the canyon and the stern;
    • Add a village of native rixies (those pesky little mites!);
    • Add Larithas’ commentary;
    • Possibly, if time permits, add hand-drawn details of some of the plants and animals that now inhabit part of the ship, a portrait of the Bosun, close-ups of the town and the rixie village etc.;
    • Add the finishing touches.

    Enjoy, and please comment,
    The Hoarse Whisperer

    ### LATEST WIP ###
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