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    Default RPG City Map Generator to SVG Converter

    Thought I'd make a new thread as it's no longer a humble script. Anyway, here you are: the long awaited and much salivated-over binary versions of my RPG City map to SVG converter.

    New features include:

    1) Much faster.

    2) Works on windows

    3) Er...

    4) That's about it. Maybe some new bugs that weren't in the old version...

    Windows (x86/32 bit) and Linux(x86_64) versions here: (other architectures probably to come later):

    Remember this still probably has a few problems. Off the top of my head, the lakes are still not quite right, and the towers in the city wall that should be invisible are not. Though that should be fixed pretty soon.

    Have fun, and thanks very much for the award, I will be boasting for weeks I can assure you!

    Oh, suppose I should mention how to use it. For windows, just unzip, double click the .exe, type the name of the sgs file in the window and hit enter. Your svg should hopefully appear in the same directory where the original sgs was. For Linux, you probably need to chmod and run it from the terminal...wait a minute, if you downloaded the linux version, you don't need me telling you stuff do you now?
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