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    Default Adobe Photoshop Subscriptions

    Anyone use Photoshop through an Adobe subscription?

    My computer crashed about 3 months ago. I loaded my CS4 about 2 years prior to this and can't find my program. Luckily, all of my work had been saved to an external.

    I really don't want to plunk down the $515 on a new CS6.

    I did find on Adobe that for $19.99/month I can get the full CS6.

    I'm wondering if anyone has used it.

    Thanks - Pi

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    I maintain several Adobe subscriptions at work, including two for the entire Creative Cloud. There is no difference between the subscription and the full version other than the method of installation. Unfortunately, if you need to reinstall for some reason, you have to redownload it through the application manager. I haven't yet found a way to simply reinstall.

    The subscription comes with two licenses, allowing you to install on two different machines. The license specifies that they cannot be used simultaneously, but as far as I know Adobe has no way of enforcing that.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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