Started messing with an idea this morning...not sure if I will continue with this for the challenge or go with something else.

One of the PCs in my game has contracted Lycanthropy and wishes to get cured. Doing so requires that she kill source of her particular bloodline (among other things). My plan was to map the village were this progenitor is located. The "Secret" in this story is two-fold. (1) No one in the village itself or the surrounding area knows that a pack of were-hyenas (it is Al-Qadim after all) has taken up residence in the Manor overlooking the village. (2) This pack is cooperating with the Drow and protecting a secret entrance to the Underdark beneath the Manor house.

I like the story and basic outline of the map thus far...but I'm not sure how/if I can depict a "secret" within the map. I was thinking that maybe I would create two maps (similar to last month's challenge) where one shows the village and the other provides a close up view of the entrance/path to the Underdark. Alternatively, maybe I can do two maps with the second depicting the tunnels that run beneath the village while making the houses/roads/geography transparent.

So without further is what I have so far. The solid black lines are placeholders for roads, walls, and buildings. I relied on Pyrandon's “A medieval town map tutorial in Photoshop” to learn how to depict elevation.

### LATEST WIP ###
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