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Thread: Aloha!

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    Post Aloha!

    Name's Jeff. Currently banging my head against FM8. This is seriously quirky. Like everyone else, looming project deadlines are not very compatible with new tools... At least the weather's nice...

    Haven't been active with cartography since college, but some lusts never go away...

    Looking forward to finding my way around the community.


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    Welcome Jeff!
    My Finished Maps
    Works in Progress(or abandoned tests)
    My Tutorials:
    Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP
    How to create ISO Mountains in GIMP/PS using the Smudge tool
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    Post Hawaii, huh?

    Welcome to the Guild!

    Hawaii, huh, I went there two years ago on my birthday - Kuau'i for a week, fell in love the place, never wanted to go home.

    Its not fair that you're there and I'm not!

    Welcome, post some maps...
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    Welcome, Jeff. I'm glad you sauntered on in. Share your wealth of knowledge with us--and share some maps soon, eh?
    My gallery is here
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    Welcome Welcome!
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    Thanks to Mark Oliva, the CSUAC is now configured to support FM8. You can find it at the GM's apprentice (link in sig--you'll need to register, tho)--about 5,000 symbols and fills to use, with more coming in a month or so.
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    Greetings and Welcome to the Guild !!!
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