Heyya, I'm Currently working with a lil bit different map, It was Infinite DImensional plane, A dimensional world who the ruler was Chronos Aeterna and Rue'm Impetia. the plane divided into 5 terrain zoned, with each has their own climate, and the climate is absolute, since the plane was stay still.

- The North was Frozen plane, Endless Winter
- East with Greenish, Field, Cherish Spring
- South was Unbearable heat, Dusty Desert, overflowing Summer
- West area are the fallen greens, uprising autumn
- While The Center of the Plane was the Palace of Chronos and Rue'm, guarded by 9 Momento Devourer

the plane was shielded with heavy streaming water, come from the deepest of the pit, flowing upside into the center of the plane. the heavy streaming water also moved rapidly, repel every outlands who try to penetrate the shield. the repelled island will fallen into the deepest pit.

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so far i can Applicated my though, and will add some more change soon ^^