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Thread: Looking for a Board Game Designer

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    Help Looking for a Board Game Designer

    I'm in the process of creating a Kickstarter for a Board Game I've written, looking for a designer for at the very least the game board. It's a single board and essentially it's set up like a room. Either a dungeon, a cave, a graveyard or what I'm currently looking into creating a warehouse, high level of detail, the kind of board you can look at for the entire game and find little interesting things in it. The map has to be covered in small squares for movement counting and such. I'm really a fan of space stuff, such as but I cannot contact him without posting first, so thus this post.

    That being said anyone willing to point me in the direction of the quality of work I'm looking for would be greatly appreciated!



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    Well, I have some experience with designing boards & games, but my style tends to be quite different. There are a few other cartographers here that could match your style more closely. It really depends what kind of mood and vibe you're going for with your board game. I know I can create a board with ridiculous amounts of detail & little things to look at, however, it's going to look more cartoony or old-school, and not as digital as the maps you've shown.

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    Hello, TheLiriValley! And welcome from another Canadian.

    I moved your post to the map request forum.

    I'd also be interested, as both a map-maker and an avid board-gamer. I have made a number of battle map scale maps in different styles. Please check my finished map link in my signature as well as my portfolio at


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