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Thread: Adailis - First City Map

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    Map Adailis - First City Map

    G'day everyone.

    Been trawling the forums here for a while, learning what I can through observation of both finished projects, and the various tutorials around; as well as what little I already knew about using Photoshop.

    With all of that, I've created my very first city, and while even now I can see some issues with it; I'll say I'm quite happy for it for a first actual attempt. (Though the shacks/tiny houses and the like in Shantyville came out -too- small. Maybe there's only rats living there.)

    Comments, suggestions, and tips for future are thoroughly encouraged! Got to learn somehow.

    - Dingo.
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    That looks great. I can see what you mean about the shanty houses, they could use being slightly bigger and being a different colour too to further distinguish them from the more regular buildings.

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    Another great city !! I am a huge fan of city maps and this one is wonderful. I love cities that have a "soul" or a feeling that they have been there for a while they've had time to develop stories and secrets. Great Job !! Repped.
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    Excellent city. I can see many interesting adventures and stories coming from there. I loved the little courtyards or plazas that you made inside the building areas between the streets. Well done sir, well done.

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    I like the shanty town area. Feels very ghetto like, perhaps kobolds? halflings? wererats? fishpeople?

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    Quite a nice city Dingo. The only constructive feedback I have is that the text in your map key is a bit hard on the eyes. I think it's that thick white stroke. Have you tried simply keeping the text black?


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