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    Post G'Day!

    Figured I've been lurking here long enough that I should finally get an account, post what I've learned from you all already, and probably introduce myself!

    I'm Ron, a returning PnP DM, getting back into the game after a long, six year haitus. I primarily DM a homebrew variant of Forgotten Realms for a D&D 3.5E group, and chose to put myself to a few tests with creating my own maps and resources instead of just downloading them off the map and hoping they 'fit'.

    Adailis City was my very first foray into mapping, and I suppose I picked a rather big project just to start, buthey. Where's the fun in starting small.

    Either way, it's a pleasure to meet you all, and look forward to learning what I can! I may even post some of the other fantasy resources I make in the General Discussion area - given I use 3D Modelling and artwork to create visual 'props' for special items and places within the game world as well.

    - Ron 'The Dingo'.

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    Welcome !! I really enjoyed your Adailis City map. It's very ambitious to start out with a large city (I should know I basically did the same thing without your great result) I look forward to seeing more of your work !!
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