Hey everyone,

I'm new here (obviously), but I'm also new to the mapping scene. I'm An author (at least trying to be), although I also play music (Piano, Clarinet and I recently added a Flute), and I'm slowly learning Illustration as well. A few years back I found Profantasy's CC3 program but have only recently got it and all I can say is I'm hooked. From a professional standpoint I found making maps invaluable aid in creating both Fantasy and Science Fiction stories. (to the point I was messing around with CC3 with one of my story worlds, and I kept creating a location and thinking "OH I know a great story for that place!")

Over the past few days I've been browsing the web looking at guides and tutorials, and discovering all the other ways to make maps one of which lead me here. I've had a brief look around and it looks like a great place for information, friends and constructive criticism.

I'm afraid I probably have quite some lofty idea's on what I'd like to do with mapping, especially when most of my maps will be for my novels and may never see the light of day (although it would be cool to do a companion "cartographer booklet" that has all the maps for a story *shrug* depends on the publisher)

So umm yeah, I could probably waffle on and on about the details of my life but who wants to read about that haha.

See you all around