I just discovered this site this morning after a search for cartography software. I found Campaign Cartographer and Fractal Terrains from ProFantasy and here I am.

I'm a Ph.D. Electrical Engineer and published science writer (Nature, Science, Brain, Journal of Experimental Medicine, etc.) and have been working on a series of hard Science Fiction Space Operas for the past three years. On the verge of signing with an agent—who suggested creating maps of the worlds in my created-universe—I started looking for software to create imaginary worlds.

Years ago, while in high school, I had a great interest in cartography, was pretty damn good at map-making, and had a decent collection of road maps (back when gas stations gave them away!) and several nice Rand-McNally atlases. Instead of pursuing cartography as a career, I became an engineer instead.

Now turning to writing, it appears that I may be coming full circle. How strange life is...

Looking forward to participating in this forum.


David Martin