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Thread: Village Map - A mix of Sketchup, Sai and Photoshop

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    Wip Village Map - A mix of Sketchup, Sai and Photoshop

    Well not photoshop yet, but eventually when/if I colour it.

    I was going to enter this into the Lite Challenge (I love making village maps) but I don't think this one will end up having any kind of secret. I considered one in the well but not sure. I may still enter the lite challenge but not with this one. Something more out of my comfort zone.

    Anyway, this one is an experiment I am trying out. I have made the basic shapes in Sketchup. Call me lazy, but this saves me a good hour of putting in guidelines/correcting perspective and stuff. And the buildings themselves serve as guidelines for anything else I want to add. I also use Sketchup for drawing individual things from weird angles too. It really is a huge help in that regard.

    I've not named it yet. It was just be a random village in the Duchy of Galbrin I expect, far away from Sarastara (the big city map I'm working on).
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    So you build the basic building shapes and village layout in Sketchup, take a screenshot, and draw over that in another program?

    Very cool idea, especially for odd-shaped buildings like the octagonal one at the centre of your village, or the straggling layout of cottages off to the right.

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    Yes basically. It saves a heap of time trying to get your guidelines and perspective right. Also in sketchup you can switch between perspective, two-point perspective and an orthographic perspective.

    And once you have your buildings in place, when you are doing the actual drawing, your buildings serve as guides for any additional things you wanna add.

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    I'm a big fan of sketchup. I use it for things I know I won't get the perspective right on if I try to draw it myself. I also use it for some of my more "ornate" or abstract structures. That village idea is a great one
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    I find it most useful for help with drawing things from very strange angles.

    Anyway, I finished the lines. I think I'll colour this one before I finished off my city.
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    Beautfull work. 5 stars for it! I loved it!
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    Very nice!
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