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    Default Mainland China - the future

    I am hoping to start a pathfinder campaign in the next couple of months. It will involve the PCs - who are survivors of a major natural disaster (a meteor strike) - awakening from their stasis chambers (akin to R.A.G.E.) several hundred thousand years after they were initially supposed to awaken.

    They will find earth populated by an assortment of fantasy races and creatures that are, from their perspective, completely unnatural. I would like to set the campaign in the region that is currently Mainland China. This is also where the meteor strike impacted.
    The above map shows, as a rough outline, the area that would be the crater of the impact location. Now if you extend and expand the border to make it more spherical, it will encompass much of the surrounding water as well as the region that is Mongolia.

    I am not planning to release my setting to anyone but my players and friends, and as such will not be making money off it. I do, however, understand that people are more inclined to put time and effort into something that they will receive some sort of compensation for. As such, I might be able to offer some sort of monetary compensation. I would also be happy to offer the setting, once done, as well supply adventure logs.

    Now, time for my request.
    I would like someone to be able to make me a map (or rather, several) of the region after the meteoric impact. I have left all but absolute essential details up to the map maker. The only things I need to be definitively included are rivers, the steep walls as a result of the impact as well as the impact site at the very center of the 'crater'.
    I would hope to be able to get the map both a shaded and unshaded natural looking style from birds-eye perspective, a greyscale 'heightmap' of the region, and optionally a more stylised map of the region which would be useful to the players.

    I understand this might seem like a complex task, but if anyone, at all, is able to help I would greatly appreciate it!

    If anyone would like to contact me privately, they can send me an email to my gmail account. The gmail user ID is my first name (dot) my surname.
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