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Thread: Maps from School Kids

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    Map Maps from School Kids

    These are hand-drawn maps by my students. They are excited to be posting here. Thanks for welcoming us.
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    I just love the imagination and creativity of kids. I think to some degree all of us still have that in us it's just getting it out and LIKING what we do with it. These are great. I think it's a wonderful thing what you are doing with (and for) these kids. The bottom map must have been drawn by a budding RPG'er. Tell them there all great and I've given them ALL rep through you. Thanks so much for sharing
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    Well, Give your kids some rep

    Me, I am a sucker for contours so you can guess which ones I looked at first but all are interesting and follow Rule 1 of maps: show the relation of one location to another. Well done!
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    Lovely work =). Can you post the age of the kid that drew each map?
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    I love them, some of them are really good also.

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    What lovely maps!! The land of milk and cookies is my favourite although they are all fantastic. We would like to award the children certificates for their work, (if you think it's appropriate) in which case please send me a private message with your email address and the children's names and I can send the certificates to you so you can print them out and give them to the kids.

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    I'm with the rest, this is lovely and a very good introduction to a good and creative hobby!

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    Oh....I long to go to the Land of Milk and Cookies.

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    Thanks for posting, these are great. All creative and some of them look like they know exactly what they are doing with elevation lines and map keys. We'll be seeing them here soon I think.
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