His Most Holy Majesty Overking of Grenna and Protector of the known world: Emperor Keoth Indirin stood on the balcony of his palace and smiled at the number of people who were attending the anniversary of his coronation. It was of no matter to him that these people had been ordered to attend, that the entire Grenna Imperium was under a forced holiday and that the Lords Governors of all the Imperium lands had undertaken the sometimes long and arduous journey to the capital only under fear of torture and death. To Overking Indirin ALL that mattered was that they were here. He would be known as the greatest emperor in the history of Grenna. It could be no other way as he would not allow it.....

EVERY so often I get the urge to do something... BIG. I guess because most of my work focuses on a small area, once in a while I get the bug to do a little "world building" This is an area of cartography that I could use some practice in. So I present the "Grenna Imperium". I envision this to be a long term project that I work on while continuing my "Calan Stonebridge" series of encounter scaled maps. I will be using THIS excellent tutorial by arsheesh to create the land forms and texturing. ( I will apologize in advance to my friend because I know I will occasionally and happily diverge from his most excellent instruction and go off on my own path ) The overall region of the Imperium is quite large so I've decided to break it down into smaller "chunks" featuring individual kingdoms. I hope to update this fairly regularly and As always feedback is requested and appreciated.

Here is the overall region
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Here is the kingdom I plan to start with (The Kingdom of Aetrina)
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