Hi everyone!

Introducing my new project: in order to practice my pen-and-ink drawing, I decided to map the whole of Westeros (from A Song of Ice and Fire, by G.R.R. Martin) at 1mm:2miles scale, on A3 (297mmx420mm) sheets. That's a total of 15 maps (!), I don't know if I'll be able/have the motivation to see it to the end, but I'll try!

Here's my planned cut (thanks Tear for the basemap...):

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And the beginning of my work on the first map (going north to south for now: Beyond the Wall):

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My plan is to use a style "à la" Karen Fonstad, as the Gondor map I reproduced some time ago.

I'll have to find a way to scan A3 sheets though, there is a bit of distortion at the center where I joined the two halves of the map...

I'll post my progress from time to time (I hope regularly... but being in the middle of a P.H.D., that's not guaranteed), feel free to comment and especially to give some advice, since the main goal of the adventure is to practice and improve myself...