This is actually my first post, (and my first map) but I have been working on this map for some time. I had set it down for awhile but recently decided to fill in the rest of the towns, roads and some general geographic info.

I'm not sure about the reality of the thing to be honest. I started out with working on something that I guessed to be about 1px = 1mi (1px=2mi for online version). I have a 5000px wide map that essentially would take about 4 months to cross by horseback if you rode straight through (using 3.5e rules).

The map is for a world I would like to DM a dnd game in at some point.

I am pretty new to this, so let me know about thoughts. I followed someone's tutorial to start the thing, but I don't remember who at this point cause I did most of it some time ago.

Here it is:
Click image for larger version. 

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